Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moving In, Moving Forward, Moving Up

So Dan has lived in our apartment since July 10th, almost 5 months ago. We started gradually moving my stuff in shortly after that. We've been married almost 3 months now. And I am so super-excited about what I FINALLY did last night...

We put our first holes in the wall and hung up a picture!! :D This is the first item to go up on our walls. I've put out plenty of knick-knacks and photos on shelves and tables, but this was the first to require holes in the wall! I had the biggest grin last night after verifying it was level and getting off the step stool. :) The frame was given to us as a wedding gift from one of the families that I stayed with frequently while Dan and I were dating. I thought it was appropriate then that their frame would be among the first hung. :)

I actually used what are called "Hercules Hooks" to hang the frame. For those that don't know about them, you can check it out here. I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought I'd give them a try a couple of years ago. While each one is supposed to be able to hold over 100 lbs. I've never come close to that limit. One of the things I love is there's no hammer or stud finder required which is great when you want to hang stuff at 10pm without upsetting the neighbors and/or when you can't find your stud finder (both in my case).

I love this feeling of getting settled into our new place and beginning to decorate. Don't get me wrong there are still PLENTY of boxes hanging around that needed to be unpacked and sorted through but last night's picture-hanging made it all worthwhile and helped me to believe that there really will be an end to the boxes at some point! The boxes still stress me out, but now I can point to that picture on the wall and claim that progress has been made...well, that and the small stack of empty boxes next to the door waiting to be taken out for recycling. :) Now to work on tackling the rest of this mountain of cardboard...

Soli Deo Gloria,

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