Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time flies

Wow! Time flies so quickly! It's hard to believe that we have one full week of class left and less than two weeks left until graduation! Where had time gone? Thanksgiving break was really nice. I actually ended up being able to catch a slightly earlier flight home from Minneapolis last week. I got off the plane and was walking between terminals with another student who had been on the flight and saw that there was a flight to BWI at 10:25 instead of my original one at 12:55. I hemmed and hawed about it because I knew it would probably be an inconvenience to my family since they were coming to pick me up. I chatted with my mom about it and, as they were boarding, I asked the desk attendant. She told me that all they had were first class seats, and I said that probably wouldn't work since I was on a student's budget. She had me hold on for a minute and then say that she could do it for $100, the normal price to change flights! :) I ended up telling my mom I was taking it and ran to the ATM to get the money (their credit card machine wasn't working). It was such a nice treat to have the opportunity to fly first class! And then, when I got to BWI, my family had brought my best friend, Holly, with them to the airport! :) We got to have lunch and roam around the Arundel Mills Mall for a bit because my luggage wasn't able to make the earlier flight so we had to go back to the airport for it. The rest of break was very much a blur. I spent Sunday at church and cantata rehearsal practice. Monday, I drove up and had lunch with former co-workers from WeatherBug in Germantown (turns out their under a hiring freeze) and then met up one-on-one with several friends in the College Park area. Tuesday was spent helping my mom by running errands for her trip to CA and then at Bible study with a trip to Donut Connection (it's a So. MD thing). I helped out by taking over mom's daycare on Wednesday so she wouldn't have to close. Thankfully, I only had one of the babies, who slept most of the day, and 3 others. I got to take Holly to dinner for her birthday and then the college/career Sunday School had a bonfire that night which was exciting. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, watching the Macy's parade with my family and then having dinner at a friend's house. We had lots of laughs watching a video from one of their boys' school play. Friday found me and my sister Black Friday shopping and then collapsing and going to the airport to pick mom up. Before I knew it, it was Saturday and I was driving back up to the airport for my own flight back to the Springs. Ever since I got back things have been going at warp speed. We had a surprise shower for our resident supervisor, Elena, the day after we got back. She was so surprised. :) One of the biggest treats of this week was taking my roommates up to my practicum in the Office of the Chairman. Since Dr. Dobson was off on his annual Christmas shopping trip, my supervisor Paul took us in to see Dr.'s office. We each had the chance to sit at his desk. Paul told us all about the office and pointed out some of the quirks, like toy trucks, jelly beans, and a gumball machine for kids. It was a pretty awesome experience. He also showed us around the boardroom where the Board of Directors or heads of ministries meet with Mr. Daly or Dr. Dobson. We have our ski trip this Saturday where I think I might attempt to snowboard. Skis and I didn't really get along before so why not try something new? We have one more week of classes and then graduation is December 11th. My mom, dad, and sister will be coming to Colorado to celebrate with me and then we'll fly back on the 12th. Josh unfortunately has final exams that week. I still can't believe that it's almost the end of November and soon December will begin. The time here seems to have gone too fast. I can't wait to share much of what I have learned with people back home. It seems like it was only yesterday that I moved in with these 3 awesome women and now we're going to be scattering to our corners of the country again. I pray that God will allow us to stay in each other's lives for a long time to come. It's going to be hard coming home, knowing that there are only 87 other people in the world who shared this very unique experience with you. But I hope God will bless the friendships we have formed here and that they will help bolster our faith and courage as we share what we have learned. I hope this update finds you well. I will be back in Maryland on the 12th of December and will be preoccupied for about a week with stuff for the cantata, but I would love to have the chance to sit down and catch up with people over a good cup of chai or tea or coffee...whatever your preference. :) Take care and see you soon! Soli Deo Gloria, Meghan

Friday, November 16, 2007

Packing! :)

Well, here we are! :) I am packing my bags! My flight back to Maryland leaves tomorrow at 6:30am MST for Thanksgiving break. I'll fly from Colorado Springs (COS) to Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP), arriving there around 9:35am. I then have a 3.5 hour layover which will allow me to grab some food, stretch my legs and probably log in to check my e-mail (as long as there's free wireless). Then, my flight from MSP will leave at 12:55 and arrive in Baltimore (BWI) around 4:20pm. I have window seats for both flights which will be very nice. :) I will be in Maryland until November 24th, when I will fly back for the last few weeks of the semester. Please pray for travel safety as we travel to the airport in the morning. My apartment-mate, Alisha, has a flight at the same time. so one of our roommates, Bethany, is going to give us a lift. Our fifth "roommate", Kate, is going to spend the night tonight and accompany us for fun. :) Alisha and I are going to spend some time together and grab breakfast before heading for our respective planes. Pray also that I don't get lost in MSP. I've never been and am looking forward to the adventure, but I am hoping that I can find food and the gate safely without any mishaps (including the luggage!). God's blessings and I hope to see some of you in the coming week! Soli Deo Gloria, Meghan

Friday, November 9, 2007

Good news, Bad news

So I'm going to keep this short but I thought I should write a quick update about the day. :) So good news we spent all day under the teaching of Ray Vander Laan, aka RVL. For those who don't know about RVL's ministry and the "That the World May Know" series, you can check it out at Needless to say, it was absolutely amazing! Much of his teaching is about bringing Christianity back to its Jewish roots. It makes so much more sense that way! So onto the bad news...but thankfully, not that bad. It was bound to happen. I finally got sick. :-P Not fun. The sinus pressure is making my head feel like it's going to explode. I would appreciate your prayers for good health. Hopefully, this will pass in a day or two. :) Well, that's all I have time for right now. Off to bed! Have a great weekend!