Friday, May 8, 2009


So for those who haven't heard...I have a new little sister! :) Chelse's adoption became final on Monday, April 27th. We now have the official certificate with her new name on it and everything! It is such an exciting time for our family, especially when you consider that the last time we talked to the lawyer, they had told us that we were looking at a date closer to August. We were shocked when they told us it would be April 27th. It was such an answer to prayer and an enormous blessing from God. Only He could have orchestrated something so amazing. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for this. It may have taken over a year but we have finally reached the end of this long tunnel! Thinking on the topic of adoption, it has been amazing to consider that I now have a live-in reminder of what God has done for me by adopting me into His family. I was lost but now I'm found! I also just got done watching the movie "Bella" which I highly recommend. Amazing, very well done film and I dare you not to at least tear up at the end! Soli Deo Gloria! Meghan