Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have never painted a wall before...never.

When I was younger that job was left to my parents or the professionals they hired. Since then I haven't lived in places where I could freely paint the walls. But now that has all changed.

With little mister on the way, I really wanted to paint part of the nursery.
This is the first paint I ever put on a wall. Technically, just the second two squares on the right since my husband did the first two. I got the inspiration from an episode of a TV show I saw one time. It was an older episode so I was never able to find a video of it (or instructions from it), but I did locate a picture.
The inspiration from an episode of HGTV's Design on a Dime.
So we rolled up our sleeves, picked which green we wanted, and gathered the supplies.
While it was difficult to get down on my hands and knees at almost 26 weeks pregnant, I thoroughly enjoyed my first painting endeavor.
Exhausted but feeling accomplished!
After the main painting was done, I had to cut out and paint the stencil on the wall all the way around the room. Thank goodness the height was right so I could sit in a chair and do it! The stencil was only 10 inches long so it took a LOT of repetitions!
Dabbing away at my stencil
This is actually the section of wall I am probably most proud of accomplishing. The stencil covered the light switch making it almost impossible to keep it flat against the wall to get a clean pass. I really only had one shot at it and it turned out beautifully. :)
Pesky light switch...
All in all, it was a wonderful first experience painting. I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the nursery with you in a big reveal post soon...hopefully before little man makes his appearance but who knows at this point! :)

Soli Deo Gloria,