Friday, May 14, 2010

Factual Friday: Blogging...

Fact: I’ve been a very, very bad blogger :(

My apologies, friends. I have done a horrible job of updating my blog lately. In fact, it has been over two months since my last update. Life has been getting busier between wedding planning and my normal activities and the contract I work on has been picking up as well which has kept me busy all around.

Dan and I have been finalizing details for our wedding little by little. Most of the major players are in place and we are now simply biding our time and getting smaller projects done as we can. We went apartment hunting a couple of weekends ago which was productive and then spent a weekend in Chicago to see Ted Dekker and visit one of my bridesmaids (Danielle) who lives there. We overcame a very daunting task that I had been putting off for awhile...tackling my storage unit. I rent a 5’x15’ storage unit in town and it is pretty much packed to the gills. We started going through it to see what we need to get rid of and to find out what exactly is in there (some of it’s been there for a couple of years!). We also spent a couple of weekends with Dan’s parents at the beginning of this month and put in an apartment application (it got accepted!), had our menu tasting at the reception venue, and booked our honeymoon!! :D We also worked out some details for the Michigan reception in October.

So please accept my sincere apologies. But also know that this may become a norm for awhile as my days stay packed with work, life and wedding activities. I miss you, my readers, and hope to be back to regular posting at some point. :) For now, please accept my apologies and enjoy the random posting.

Soli Deo Gloria,