Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Book Review: The Chronological Study Guide to the Bible

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I was definitely excited to use the Chronological Study Guide to the Bible. I felt this would be a great resource in my Bible study and it was, providing I kept my expectations in check.

The Chronological Study Guide endeavors to put the events of the Bible in order and add notes on the historical context of certain events. It divides the Biblical timeline in epochs, providing a sense of organization for the events. Scripture that was written concurrently is placed side-by-side and each book of the Bible is given its own summary. A list in the back of the book provides quick reference to where you can find each book's summary in the Study Guide.

While going through the minor prophets in my small group Bible study, this proved extremely useful. However, at times I found myself wishing it said more. I understand its purpose is mostly to show Biblical events in chronological order and provide a few historical notes, but I found myself longing for more information on certain events, periods, customs, or people.

Overall, this is a great resource for those wishing to learn more about how Biblical events line up. I will continue to use it frequently as a reference but will probably supplement it with a more thorough study guide as well.