Monday, March 8, 2010

Factual Friday: Metro

*Sorry for the delay in posting!*

Fact: The last train leaves Branch Ave. D.C. Metro station at 11:24pm on Sunday nights.

This past Sunday (2/28), I lost my cell phone on Metro. I had parked my car at Branch Avenue Metro station earlier in the day so I could ride with Dan and his mom to drop her off at the airport. Afterwards, we found a place to watch the US vs. Canada gold medal hockey game, wandered around IKEA in College Park, then went to a favorite bookstore with a Starbucks in Rockville.

As the time grew late, Dan drove me to the closest Metro station (White Flint) so I could begin making my way back home. We have horrible luck with late night Metro service. We went to a Capitals game in January and ended up having to take a shuttle bus part of the way because a station was closed. This time, there was track maintenance on the red line which forced trains to share a track and delayed me. Also, late at night, there are less trains running so when I went to make my connection at L’Enfant Plaza, I had to wait 13 minutes for a train.

So I finally made it back to Branch Avenue around 11:20pm Sunday night. I had told Dan I would call him when I reached my car to let him know I had made it safely. The delays on Metro had set me back so I was running late. When he dropped me off around 9:40, I thought I would be back to my car around 10:45. As I’m walking in the cold to my car, I realized that I couldn’t feel my phone in my pocket. No matter, I must have put it in my purse instead. But as I rummaged through my purse, it was nowhere to be found. I sat in my car, almost in tears at this point, and proceeded to almost empty my purse and check all my pockets again. I remembered checking the time on my phone at L’Enfant so I knew I had had it earlier.

I prayed that this wasn’t happening as I sped out of the parking lot and pulled my car around and into the short term parking area. The tears were full-fledged at this point. I threw my car into park and ran back into the Metro station. The station manager on duty was in the lobby area and I tearfully explained the situation to her, asked her if the train that had just come in was still there. But it had already left as had the last train for the night heading out of the station. She said she could give me the number for lost and found and I could cancel the service.

But I didn’t want to leave it at that. I asked and convinced her to go ahead and call the cell phone number to see if anyone had picked it up or turned it in. She went into the manager’s booth as I recited the number to her from the door. As she waited for it to ring, I closed my eyes and prayed fervently for my phone’s return. I would’ve even put up with the embarrassment of having it vibrate in my coat or purse with her standing there.

Thankfully, someone on the other end picked up. She talked to them for a minute, saying she was calling on my behalf, and then they started discussing the train schedule. Turns out it was a Metro or security official at the previous station on the Green line (Suitland). There was a train leaving the station before Suitland (Naylor Rd.) so they arranged for someone on the train (I’m not sure who, security guard, metro official, train engineer?) to have my phone and bring it to Branch Ave. As the train approached, I waited on the upper part of the platform while the station manager went down to meet the train. I wrung my hands and continued to pray as I waited for her.

As she came up the escalator, I held my breath, the thought crossing my mind that it might not be my phone. Very illogical, I know, since she had called the number and talked to the person who was going to pass the phone on. When she held out that phone to me, I was so thankful. I thanked her profusely, telling her that she was a blessing. I was so glad to be able to call Dan and let him know I was okay and hear his voice before driving home.

I may not think I needed that adrenaline rush that night but it happened. And I am very grateful for that Metro station manager who went out of her way to help me. I don’t know her name, but she was a blessing to me in a time of stress. So “thank you” to the Branch Avenue station manager who went above and beyond to help a transit customer who lost her phone. I am immensely grateful.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And the next book is...

So I've chosen my next book to review for, the Thomas Nelson blogger book review program!! :) And the winner is...

"Chronological Guide the the Bible:
Explore God's Word in Historical Order"

Something totally different from what I just reviewed but I'm looking forward to it. My Tuesday night Bible study I go to is getting into some of the minor prophets (i.e. Nahum) so I think it will end up being a good resource to have on hand :) Looking forward to getting it in the mail and putting it to good use! Look for my review sometime in the future, hopefully in less than 5 months unlike last time!