Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving Day!

It's the follow-up to Closing Day (finally)! :)

The day after we closed on our house, friends descended on our rental to help us move our stuff!
Our moving truck...not sure why NC is associated with Venus Fly Traps...
We rented a truck and one of our friends helped direct the loading of the two truckloads of boxes and things that we moved to the new house. We prayed the weather would hold out since it was pouring earlier in the morning, but by the time everyone had arrived, things had cleared up considerably and there was no rain the rest of the day! What a blessing! Also thankfully, we still had boxes left over from our move out here and about one-third of our stuff was still packed from that move too. :) That made it much easier to get ready for the move.
Mostly unloaded now
Our friends were such troopers! They carried boxes all over the place and no one complained when lunch was a little late (store remade a couple pizzas that got burned). They were truly a Godsend for us. Being new to an area, it can feel hard to ask for help or can feel like no one will be willing or able to help with such an endeavor. But I was praising God that day for all the wonderful friends he has provided us since we moved to Lincoln.
Goofing around :)
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us move into our first home! You made it such a smooth process and a wonderful welcome to homeownership! :) Now to just keep unpacking all those boxes!

Soli Deo Gloria,