Monday, December 6, 2010

More Progress!

Our Guest Bathroom wall plaque! Now on the wall!

So I had seen similar signs in friends' houses before but never knew where they got them. I thought it was such a cute idea but hadn't thought much about it recently until I found Wuslu. It's a home decor website that posts one deal a day at 10am Eastern. I scored the cute little towel rack for our guest bath (above) along with a cute countertop corner cabinet that we're using in our bathroom to hold a few knickknacks (below).

Small countertop corner cabinet (product image)
I love seeing our home come together and these little decor touches go such a long way towards that end. Even though I'd had the sign for awhile I just now got around to hanging it. :) Again, used the Hercules Hooks to hang it. I tried nails but it turns out that I'm much better at hanging things straight if I use the hooks instead. Go figure...

So here's to making progress in settling in. We're still working on some of the nitty gritty like cell phones and insurance but we seem to be making good headway. Loving setting up our home.

Documenting my handiwork :)
Soli Deo Gloria,

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