Saturday, October 29, 2011


So usually in Maryland we have a decent fall and the leaves show their colors for a time as God paints the world in reds and oranges and yellows. Well, today, He decided that a little white was in order too...
Yep, that would be a dusting of snow...and we're expecting more throughout the day along with rain. I took these pictures at 11:20 this morning and the snow is still coming down, along with some rain and sleet to make a "fun" wintry mix.
Snow (measurable anyway) in Maryland is fairly rare. For D.C., snow has only been reported in the month of October 3 times since 1884, with the last occurrence on the 10th of October in 1979 when 0.3" was recorded. The same is true for Baltimore, with 0.3" reported on that same day.

I'll post another picture later today since the flakes are still flying. I guess my poor little tomato plants are done for the year :( And with green tomatoes still on the vine! I was hoping they would have some time to ripen before we had a serious cold snap but that was not to be I guess. Better luck next year :)

So for today, we've got plenty of house chores to keep us busy inside so I'll enjoy the snow from the window and take a couple of pictures. Maybe a cup of something warm later while I watch this fall/winter wonderland. :)

Soli Deo Gloria,.

At 2:10pm
At 4:40pm
One of my poor, cold, unripe tomatoes :(

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