Friday, November 11, 2011

On Commuting...

So recently, I started some new work with my employer after a gap in contracts. It's good and stretching me to learn new things. I like the team I'm working with and meeting new clients. But there's one thing that has been a major adjustment...

The Commute.

After a year of working from home, I'm now back on the road. No big deal for the most part. The only catch is that the office my team is based at is an hour from my home. And I live in the DC area. Needless to say it's been a bit of a transition for us. God has given me much strength and I've been able to get out early in the morning and avoid the worst of the morning rush hour. But in this town, there's no avoiding the afternoon/evening rush hour.

In fact, last night (11/10/11), it took me almost two and a half hours to get home. That's over two hours to go only 33 miles from the office to home. Ridiculous! I was able to talk to my husband for much of the drive which always helps but it was still frustrating to sit in a combination of rain-induced delays (people here seem to forget how to drive if it rains) and the Veterans' Day extended weekend holiday traffic.

One of the nice things of being in the car though is the chance to listen to CDs. I've listened to radio dramas and sermons and now I have several books on CD on reserve at the library. :) The radio is nice but the dramas, sermons, and books are a little more intellectually stimulating for me and make the commute at least a little more interesting instead of hearing the same songs play on the radio all the time.

So what do you like to do in the car when you have to drive? How do you pass the time?

Happy Driving!
Soli Deo Gloria,

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