Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Ninja Squirrel

Many of you may have heard us refer to one of our neighborhood squirrels as "Ninja Squirrel". He got this name the day we moved Dan into our apartment...

As Dan was bringing in a box to our new apartment, he saw this squirrel running in his direction on the sidewalk. He figured when the squirrel noticed him that it would run off in the opposite direction...but not Ninja Squirrel! No, once he noticed Dan, he flattened himself on the sidewalk and seemed to pretend that Dan couldn't see him. Thus the name "Ninja Squirrel" was born!

On another occasion, I was leaving the apartment and heading towards my car when I saw him. He stopped on the sidewalk then ran off towards a tree after I took one more step forward. Upon reaching the tree, however, he only climbed about 4 feet up and moved to the opposite side of trunk, away from me. Curious about his methods, I took a couple of steps towards the tree. Still some distance away, I leaned to the side to see around the trunk and, as I did, Ninja Squirrel scooted further around the trunk but no farther up!

He's also usually a big fan of knocking over any potted plants I have close enough to the ground. Pretty normal and all seemed quiet for awhile. But NOW? Well, now he has taken to climbing up our screen door on our patio! Most of the time he hangs out upside down and looks like he's licking the screen. We've caught him doing this on about 3 separate occasions.


Crazy squirrel!


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Cindy P said...

Haha! That's so funny! We don['t have any crazy squirrels in our new apartment but we do have lots of wild cats and spiders... ick. I hate spiders. The cats I don't mind so much. =)