Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Second Anniversary

Many of you will remember our wonderful photos here taken by the lovely Sarah Adams of Photos by Sarah Beth for our 1st anniversary.
See? Gorgeous! :)
Well, when it came time to consider getting photos done for our 2nd anniversary, there was no contest. Photos by Sarah Beth it was! :) We were a little more ambitious this time and dragged Sarah all over DC with us. With the move coming up in just over a week, we wanted to get some photos at some places that were meaningful to us. Of course, we planned all of this before Dan ruptured his Achilles, but we were thankfully able to borrow a wheelchair from our church so he wouldn't have to run around DC on crutches the whole time.

We visited the memorial where Dan proposed, the WWII Memorial to get a picture for address change cards, and some of the places we went on our very first outing with my family and our first date. It was fun to reminisce while we were taking photos as we said good-bye to locations where we have so many memories. We also took some photos after church one day to remember the place where we met and were married. It was so special to have such a good friend with us while we relived the past several years together. Thank you Sarah! :)

And now...some of the photos! :)

Love this one!
I have one like this from our wedding that I absolutely love :)
Pretty much exactly where he proposed
So much time spent on Metro...had to get a photo :)
We took pictures here on our wedding day
Love the brick background!
Thank you, Sarah, for such wonderful anniversary photos! We will sorely miss you in Nebraska! And Happy 2nd Anniversary to the love of my life, Dan! Here's to a lifetime of love together! :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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