Monday, October 19, 2015

The Joy He Carries

Most of us know going into parenthood that we will be teaching our children so many things. How to walk, talk, manners, potty training, reading, driving a car... You get the idea. We also realize that our kids will probably teach us a few things as well, like how to function on minimal sleep, treat a variety of unidentifiable stains, how to hide veggies in food, and the best places to stash treats. We learn what unconditional love looks like and find out just how fiercely protective we can be. But there were things I didn't expect to learn too, things that God has shown me through my son.

Munchkin LOVES music! It is rare that we don't have the radio on at home when he's awake. Thank goodness for our awesome local Christian radio station that has minimal interruptions! I will often catch him clapping or bouncing along to the beat, whether it's music on the radio or the songs his toys play. If I forget to turn on the radio in the car, he will often protest until I remember to do so. But one of his favorite places to experience music is in our church worship service.

Each Sunday, we keep him with us in service until the sermon starts. We've pretty much done this since he was born. As soon as the first song starts, he is hooked. He bounces, claps, waves his arms, kicks his legs, and occasionally squeals in his version of singing along with the praise team. I have had many people tell me how much they enjoy watching him enjoy the music. He has such JOY!! 

One time, while watching him, I began to wonder where my joy had gone. I saw my boy and wanted God to see the same joy in my worship that I saw in his. I think so many of us simply go through the motions on a Sunday morning when it comes to worship for whatever reason. Maybe we're tired, the music is not quite our taste, we had a fight on the way to church, etc...pick your reason. But if God is the source of my joy and he never changes, my circumstances are not to blame for my lack of joy but rather my own choices. No, that doesn't mean I'll always be happy and never sorrowful, but worship is about the one being worshiped and that is why I can still have joy.

So now, maybe I sing a little louder and clap a little more freely. Maybe I bounce and sway with my son a little more and let my circumstances fall where they may. After all, God's in control, right? If I, imperfect though I may be, enjoy watching my child express joy, I want God to have that same enjoyment when I offer up my worship.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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