Thursday, July 7, 2011

Acts up ;)

Now that we have finished Luke, our church has moved into daily readings in Acts! :) I'm getting closer to catching the blog up on how far we've come in our reading so hopefully my posting will become a little more regular and less overwhelming. I've posted observations on the first two chapters of Acts below. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to visit the comments section with any observations of your own. :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

Acts 1
Acts is generally considered to have been written by Luke as well and is addressed to the same recipient as the book of Luke, Theophilus. It picks up right where Luke left off with Jesus appearing to his disciples after his resurrection and gives us a more detailed view of their interactions before Jesus ascends to heaven. We also see the scene at the empty tomb echoed here as two angels remind the disciples that Jesus will come back and they don't have to keep looking to the sky. I also found the disciples' prayer interesting when they were looking to replace Judas. They knew that was in the heart was important, not just appearances, but that only God knew what was in each man's heart. That doesn't mean that Joseph was unfit for service, just that particular position. I want my prayers to be just as effective when asking God for guidance since he knows where I fit in the big picture. :)

Acts 2
How amazing would it have been to be at Pentecost and hear the disciples?! It would almost be like a reverse Tower of Babel, since everyone could understand them in their own language. I wonder if this is what it will be like in heaven, with believers from all nations and tongues :) I love how Peter systematically goes through Old Testament prophecy and shows how Jesus fulfilled it and was the long-awaited Messiah. 3,000 believers in one day! That's such an amazing work of God and such a testament to the hearts of the people and their willingness to accept the truth. And Peter understood that this message was intended for many, not just those present that day but generations to come. I also love the picture of breaking bread and sharing meals together, especially since I enjoy having friends over to do exactly this.

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Mom said...

How poignant it will be to be in heaven worshiping our Lord and we will all be in one accord! Thank you for that illumination my dear.