Friday, October 19, 2012

This is the Stuff

I think it was my mom that first mentioned this song to me...
The day I actually heard it in the car I think I called her (or texted) to tell her how awesome I thought it was. It's a great song, catchy melody, and meaningful lyrics. But sometimes it goes deeper...

Last night, God brought to my mind some of the lyrics that were all too appropriate for what I've been going through lately:
"In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed."
And that is so true. I've realized it especially lately as we settle into life in Nebraska.

Now that we've made our big move, I'm starting to think about the next steps and the next phases in life. And sometimes, I get a little ahead of myself and find myself missing out on what's happening now because of desiring things that are yet to be.

I find it's especially hard to reign this in when the things I'm desiring are called "blessings" by God in Scripture. What I'm beginning to realize and trying to internalize is that, while these things may be blessings, they are most blessed when they come in God's timing.

So while I desire what is good, I will continue to wait for God's perfect timing in choosing to bring such blessings into my life. Because "this is the stuff" He will use to continue to grow me and draw me closer to Him and I trust that He knows exactly what He's doing even if it's not what I would choose. :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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