Monday, February 11, 2013

The Hunt is On!

Let the search begin!
On January 22nd, we had our first meeting with a realtor here in Lincoln, NE. While slightly depressing learning we couldn't afford as much as I originally thought if we wanted to keep our monthly payments on target/budget, it was still a very informative meeting and a good chance to start getting to know our realtor.

We've been looking at listings he's sent us and got to see our first ones Saturday morning! We had originally picked out seven from the initial list of 28, but now two of them are under contract and one has been taken off the market to be rented. So we were able to see four different places around town. We immediately eliminated at least one of them but it was a good start to our search. :)

We are really excited to start this phase of our lives. I'm already starting to imagine painting and fixing up a place so that it suits us and becomes our home. Now just praying that God will lead us to the right home and give us wisdom as we work through the process.

Look for more blog posts in the future as we walk this path as first-time homebuyers! :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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Ryan Cole said...

Praying that your search goes well and isn't stressful. Also remember you've got friends who can help with any demolition/remodel!