Monday, February 18, 2013

Letting go of "Not The One"

Well, friends, our house search has been going in earnest. We've seen seven houses so far with two more on the schedule for tomorrow evening.

But today was the first time one of the houses we had seen was placed under contract. This particular house was the one we had placed at the top of our list so far but were still not "sold" so we kept looking, figuring we'd come back to it and revisit the idea if there was nothing else.

Granted this house was not "The One", but it was still the one we had seen so far that we considered a best fit for us. Not only that, but it was the very first house we saw in our search. After seeing the other six houses, we kept coming back to this one, even though we knew there were still things we wanted to change and felt (along with our realtor) that it was overpriced. It was on the older end of the spectrum and needed a little work, but all feasible.

Despite deciding that, while it was the top of the ones we'd seen, it wasn't for us, I was still slightly crestfallen when I found out it was under contract. But there have been some positives in our search. After speaking with the loan officer, we've decided to expand our search a little by raising our price limit. There is plenty of stock within our price range, allowing us choices in what to see and the ability to exclude those whose layout we have completely discounted (i.e. split foyer/entry).

So we continue to press on. It's a first, but really minor disappointment in our search. We know that God has a place out there for us, we just have to persevere in finding it.

Soli Deo Glori,

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