Friday, October 30, 2009

Factual Friday: Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Fact: There are 57 shopping days left until Christmas!

Yes, I know I’m a little ahead on this one but you’ll just have to bear with me. :) I love Christmas shopping. I get a thrill from picking out gifts that I think those closest to me will love and be totally surprised by as well.

Last year, my brother mentioned a jewelry photo box that hangs on the wall that my mom had pointed out as something she would like. I was able to get back to the store (this was Black Friday) and even though they didn’t have the color I wanted, they ordered it for me from their catalog at the discounted BF price! Sweet! That thing was a pain to hide though. So grateful for family friends who were willing to take it in and guard it.

Well, in my mind, it wasn’t just enough to give her the box/frame. I decided that I wanted to fill it with pictures in advance and then give it to her that way. And then my creative, surprise nature took over and I thought about how great it would be to have photos done of the four of us kids! We had pictures of Chelse and pictures of me, my brother, and sister, but no nice, studio ones of all four of us together.

So I set my mind on getting portraits done. I did some research on pricing and found that Target not only had great prices but a coupon for a free 8x10 as well! SOLD! :) My next obstacle was Mom. In order to get all four of us out of the house without her being suspicious, I basically needed her out of the house as well. Thank goodness for her friends! :) I brought them in on the plan and we were able to get her out of the house on the night of our portrait session.

Final hurdle: Chelse. This loveable littlest sister cannot usually keep a secret. Solution: Get her all ready for bed and as soon as Mom walked out the door, I was helping her get into the dress I had picked out. I was amazed that she didn’t spill the beans before Christmas morning either!

The photos turned out amazing and Mom was entirely stunned and speechless when we proudly handed over the secret we’d managed to pull off. Some of the pictures now sit proudly on the piano in our living room.

And now to start on this year’s list. I’ve been doing some online “window” shopping and pricing but haven’t really purchased anything yet. But as much as I delight in gift-shopping and gift-giving, God offered the best gift of all by sending His Son as the original Christmas gift. It was a gift that would forever change the world and the lives of countless men and women, mine included.

I pray that as we approach this Christmas season, you will not forget why it is that we celebrate. May we remember how closely Christmas is linked with Easter, that there would be no death, resurrection, and salvation without the birth. Do not miss the wonder of Christ’s coming in the hustle and bustle of the world’s activities.

Soli Deo Gloria,

P.S. I have not forgotten about the holiday known as Thanksgiving that comes over a month before Christmas. :) Just thought I would share my excitement over the preparations! There is still plenty of time for me to blog about Thanksgiving.

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