Friday, November 6, 2009

Factual Friday: 2 Week Countdown!

Fact: 15 more days until our family leaves on vacation!

Since 2003 was such a big year for our family (my 18th birthday, Josh’s 16th birthday, parent’s 25th anniversary and my high school graduation), we decided to celebrate by taking a big family vacation over Christmas. We flew to Florida and spent 3 days at the Disney Parks then boarded one of their cruise ships for a 4 day cruise. The trip was a hit but we made the decision that from now on we were only going to do the cruise and avoid the parks.

In December 2005, we returned for our 2nd cruise, this time for a week. We spent New Year’s on the boat which was amazing. Christmas in 2003 had been nice but we have so many family traditions that it really felt like something was missing. But New Year’s was great! They really knew how to throw a party. It was also great being on the ship for a whole week. Not only did we have an extra port of call, but an extra day at sea as well so we could explore the ship.

And now we have reached the countdown to the next trip, leaving November 21st. This is our third cruise and third holiday with Disney. This trip was actually supposed to happen a year ago but God had other plans when He brought Chelse into our lives. We postponed a year in order to finish the adoption process so that she could go with us.

Taking this trip every 2-3 years is becoming tradition in our family. It’s something that we all look forward to with great anticipation. Other members of my family started counting down after the last one over a month ago. The excitement has grown in the past few weeks as we have booked excursions, talked about meals and activities, and started to think about packing. I even bought two underwater cameras earlier this week to take on my snorkeling excursions.

There is something special about sharing anticipation with those around you. It multiplies the joy and excitement surrounding the event. It’s one reason that surprises can be so hard to keep sometimes. We want to tell the person because we want them to share in our anticipation and excitement. We want them to share in the joy.

In the Christian community, we are called to share our lives with one another, but not just the joy and anticipation. Galatians 6:2a tells us to “carry each other’s burdens” as well, not only in good times but in bad. Anticipation is not always happy and joyful. Sometimes, it can be sorrowful. But even then, we are called to a higher standard, to rejoice when brothers and sisters rejoice and to weep when they weep.

Look around you today and reach out to someone in your circle. Maybe it’s to share in their joy about upcoming events in their life. Maybe it’s to comfort them as they go through a hard time. Either way, come along side them as you walk together this week.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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