Friday, November 20, 2009

Factual Friday: 6000 and counting...

Fact: I currently have 6048 audio files on my iPod.

Earlier this week, I decided to simply put my whole iPod playlist on shuffle while I was plugging away at work. It usually just runs as a soundtrack to accompany the click of keyboard keys and the glow of the monitor but I typically only choose one album or a smaller playlist to play, not usually the entire assortment.

It was really interesting to see what came up over the course of a couple of hours. Some of the files I skipped over because they were radio programs and I wasn’t in the mood to listen to someone talk for half an hour or they were books on CD and I would rather not listen to only one chapter. Sometimes, though, a forgotten favorite would come up. There were the songs I wish I could’ve sung at the top of my lungs like I do in my car and others that made me want to get up and dance right there in my office.

Have you ever forgotten that you have something and then are pleasantly surprised when you rediscover it? It’s one reason that I look forward to one day going through the storage unit that houses over 80% of my belongings. I know some of the things that are in there, including books or clothes that I occasionally wish were not in storage and that I had easier access to. Rediscovering all of those things is going to be a trying but joyful journey.

I also love rediscovering God’s promises in Scripture. Sometimes in the midst of trials or choices, it can be hard to recall what God has said He will do. I know I often forget what He has done in my own life when I go through new challenges.

Forgetfulness was one of the reasons that God had the Israelites build memorials along their journey to the Promised Land. After He would tell them to build one, it was followed by an admonishment to remember what had occurred there, usually so they could tell their children about what God had done for them. It was the reason they piled the stones after crossing the Jordan River and why they celebrated Passover each year, among other things.

Have you thought recently about how God has worked in your life in the past? Maybe you’re going through something right now where you need to remember His faithfulness in previous situations. Maybe God is trying to remind you of something in His Word. His Promises are true and God is good...ALL the time.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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