Friday, February 26, 2010

In lieu of Factual Friday...Wedding update!

Wedding planning is going well! I guess it's kind of a Factual Friday since it's a fact of my life. :) We're at 190 days now and most of the major players are in place. We have the locations, the photographer, DJ, wedding party, etc. Save-the-dates are going out soon which I'm very excited about! They look absolutely gorgeous. Major props to my friend, Becky, for taking the photos and designing the postcards and for putting up with my ignorance of graphic design. :)

Sneak Peek (this is not the final copy but close):


Isn't it lovely? :) Becky designed them and then we had them printed through which I highly recommend. They do great work. They postcards are in pristine condition and were processed and shipped pretty quickly. They even provide an online proof so you can make sure that it looks the way it's supposed to. They do many different products from postcards to fliers to CD/DVD inserts and more. I printed all the address labels last night and will be picking stamps up this afternoon.

The one main vendor I'm trying to book ASAP now is the videographer. After a couple of days spent trolling the internet, searching websites, watching online samples, I've learned this: you CAN watch too many wedding videos. I think I've OD'd on wedding videos lately. I need to weed out those outside of our budget so we can book someone who does good work. Hoping to have it closer to being nailed down in 2 weeks time. 

Our menu tasting has been set as well for early May. Looking forward to tasting the delicious food at our venue, especially since we may not have much of a chance to taste it on the day of the wedding! Next up is booking the cake tasting with the locations cake baker. Looking forward that that one too. :)

Big news for the weekend: my dress shopping appointment is tomorrow! Dan's mom and one of my bridesmaids, Alisha, are coming into town this weekend to come with us. My mom, Dan's mom, Alisha, my sister Sarah (also a bridesmaid) and I will go dress shopping while my brother Josh and Dan go hang out for some guy time. Super excited that they'll all be here to look at dresses. :) I've been back on Weight Watchers for about a month now so I'm excited to see how I look in the dresses. Working on losing a few more pounds but definitely ecstatic about my progress so far.

Well, I guess that about covers it. Stay tuned for more wedding wonderfulness in the weeks and months to come! :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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