Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disney Cruise

In July, we went on a Disney cruise with my parents and siblings...

Getting on the ship...
This has become a family tradition that has occurred every 3 years since 2003. It started to celebrate my 18th birthday, high school graduation, my brother's 16th birthday, and my parents' 25th wedding anniversary...all of which happened in 2003! We loved it so much that we decided we had to continue!
Sailing away from NYC
This was my 4th cruise but my husband's 1st. It was also our 1st cruise together. I was hoping that Dan would enjoy it...I selfishly wanted to be able to go on more of them. ;) But it turns out I had nothing to worry about.
Our dressy date night at the adults-only restuarant, Palo
We had a blast! It was so relaxing and it was wonderful to escape the heat wave for a little bit to the Canadian coast. We stopped at Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick. In Halifax, we went with my parents, sister, and her friend to see the little fishing village of Peggy's Cove (and their lighthouse) and then over to Fairview Cemetery where the victims of the Titanic were buried.

In St. John, Dan and I went off on our own and explored. We spent most of the day checking out the local farmers' market and the historic churches in town.
It was a fabulous, relaxing trip and I think it benefited us greatly to have that time away. It gave us a chance to lay down the stresses and worries of life and just enjoy the moment. Dan told me on the trip that he hadn't seen me that relaxed in awhile and he liked it. :)
Champagne brunch
Getting away occasionally, even for a weekend, is a great habit to have. Even if it's locally (see Valentine's Day, Part Two) it provides a much needed break from the normal everyday toil of life and a chance to regroup and breathe. It also gives us a chance to check-in with one another and focus more on strengthening our relationship and it usually brings up topics we wouldn't have had a chance to discuss at home. We're big fans of getaways :)

What's your favorite getaway that you've done recently?

Soli Deo Gloria,


Taylor said...

This is so awesome! I had no idea Disney cruises went north! We really want to do one someday with my family.

Danielle said...

This sounds so exciting... What a fun tradition! We just got back from a little German town in TX called Fredericksburg that I think you two would love. We had an anniversary B & B getaway- and I agree that it's so important to have that time away! It's so refreshing!