Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tragedy! :(

Friends, I am sad to report that tragedy has struck our little patio garden. While we were vacationing in California last week, my first tomato turned red! I was so excited to see it when I got back.

See how nice and red and ripe it is! :)
However, when I went out to water the plant this morning and check on its progress, I found that my precious red tomato was not to be mine :( You see, something got to it before I did...

Poor tomato :(
Definitely not cool! At least there are 16+ other tomatoes still ripening on the vine but this was the first one to appear and the first to turn red. So it was sad to see it be spoiled like it was and not enjoyed as it deserved but I'm glad there are others to enjoy as they ripen.

In the midst of this sad event though there is an exciting new addition to the patio garden! :) As you may remember, before resorting to a tomato seedling plant from the store, I was attempting to grow one from seed. While I killed the first batch of seedlings that sprouted, I tried again with two more seeds. While I accidentally traumatized it on occasion, one little plant persevered and continued to grow. And yesterday, it made the big move!

I purchased another topsy turvy grower and moved the plant from the little pot it outgrew into the larger growing bag. So now I have two tomato plants, one basil plant and one pot of Bacopa flowers (middle of the photo). I'm really excited that this little plant was able to make the big move. I was never sure how long it was actually going to last and yet here it is, continuing to grow and hopefully flourish now that it has the room it needs. I look forward to continuing to update you on how things go as we get closer to larger harvests of basil and tomatoes! :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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