Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Growing, growing...still growing...

When I first purchased and planted my tomato plant in the upside down tomato grower, it looked something like this...

Taken June 3, 2011

I wasn't sure how well this little experiment would go since I don't have the greenest thumb. Now, more than a month later, it looks something more like this...
Taken July 9, 2011
Group of 5 tomatoes growing and ripening.
This was the first tomato to appear.

So wow! Big change! :) I have counted 11 tomatoes now that have at least started forming and there are several bunches of flowers yet to open and become tomatoes! I am so excited that this endeavor is taking off. Not having the greenest thumb, I was worried about the plant even producing fruit and yet there they are!

Speaking of hardy plants...

This little tomato sprout isn't so little anymore! I'm actually looking at getting another upside down planter to put him in since he's outgrowing this little starter pot. This little one has survived so much including being accidentally kicked over by yours truly which uprooted the poor little sprout. But it has survived and seems to be doing well! :)

And we had our first harvest off the basil plant!

I gathered the biggest leaves for a pasta dish with tomatoes and mozzarella. :) It was yummy! This is the only basil plant left after the squirrels and birds terrorized the box and dug up most of the seeds and sprouts when they were really small. This one was uprooted at one point but thankfully handled it well and kept growing once I got it upright and replanted. Looking forward to more basil later this summer.

Maybe I can do this whole gardening thing after all?!?! Who knew? :)

Soli Deo Gloria,

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