Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Many Books, So Little Time

I love a good read. There’s just nothing like the feeling of getting wrapped up in a story and being mentally transported to other times and places. My dream is to one day have a room in my house that I can dedicate to being a library filled with all sorts of books. I’ve been trying to intersperse my non-fiction and fiction reading lately to keep some variety in my library. Sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done, but I’ve enjoyed some good books this summer that I might not have otherwise read until much later. The traveling I’ve done this summer has helped too since I seem to be able to read more when I’m on travel than when I’m at home. After being in Colorado for a reunion this past weekend, I have added to the collection of books that make up the “unread” portion of my library. While I’m thrilled at some of the deals I got (used books for $3!!), this segment of my library makes me a little sad. There are several books in that pile that I can’t wait to get to but then I also have books that I have already read that I want to read again. This has recently come up as I have watched Dan discover one of my favorite series of books…the Circle Series by Ted Dekker. Black, Red, and White are the current titles with the final chapter, Green, being released in September. I’ve already pre-bought Green and have signed up to be part of the Forest Guard (promotional street team). As we’ve discussed the Circle series, I’ve discovered how many details I simply don’t remember from my first reading of the books. Oh, I remember the overarching story line and some of the major plot points and twists, but nitty-gritty details seem to have slipped my mind. So while I debate the feasibility of reading the Circle series again before September, another question has taken up residence in my mind. How much more should I be desirous of God’s Word? In a world where others have to hide in order to worship and hear Truth, or single pages of Scripture are passed between believers because of their lack of freedom, what excuse do I have? Answer: None. There is no excuse for why I can’t keep a consistent quiet time. I have my moments where my valiant efforts pay off and I get in several days of quiet times to journal but then I fall flat on my face again. Thank goodness God forgives and reaches down to lift us up! So here’s to another attempt by a fallen sinner to study God’s Word. May He bless my efforts as I seek to delve deeper into Truth. “So many books, so little time So many hunger, so many blind Starving for words, they must wait in the night To open a Bible and move towards the Light” ~Michael Card, “So Many Books” Soli Deo Gloria, Meg

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