Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Little Angel

Today, I write to you with a sad heart. In my Technology Blues post, I introduced you to my co-worker, John, and his twin grandchildren, Ashley and Tommy, who had a genetic disorder. At the time of that post, Ashley had already passed away and the family was preparing for what time they had left with Tommy. Following is the e-mail we received yesterday, August 17 (last names have been removed for privacy):

To my friends and family, It is with a broken heart that I have to tell you that Thomas (Tommy) Carter G------ has joined his sister Ashley and Grandmother in heaven. Tommy left us at 11:45 AM today. My beloved wife Peggy has both her grandchildren with her now. I will let all of you know what the arrangements are and the charity that my daughter Kitty and Son (Son-in-law) Jaime have chosen. It is best Tommy is not suffering and now can be free of the restrictions his earthly body put on him. God Bless all of you


Please pray for this family as they go through the tragic loss of two young lives so close together.

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