Friday, September 4, 2009

Factual Friday: "Green"

Is it really Friday again already? Wow, how the week has flown! So...ready for Round Two?

Fact: Ted Dekker’s next book, “Green”, was released this week...and my name is the first on the Family Christian Bookstore pre-buy list. ;)

Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors. I still have a ways to go to read ALL of his thirty-some-odd books but I love the ones I have read. The books that I first picked up that began my introduction (and addiction) to Mr. Dekker were the Circle Trilogy (now, the Circle Series): Black, Red, and White. And now the Circle will be complete with the addition of Book Zero: Green. Check out the website for the book here: I pre-ordered the book on the first day that I could (back in July) and will be picking it up today!!  I recently introduced my boyfriend to the Circle Series and he has torn through all three in about a month. Since I read them several years ago, it’s been a great joy to see him experience them for the first time and it has helped me to get reacquainted with the plot.
But the works of Ted Dekker extend far beyond just paper and ink. I was fortunate enough this past June to be able to attend the second occurrence of The Gathering in Franklin, TN. The Gathering is based on an event in the Circle Series and is a day-long experience in the world of Ted Dekker. Fans gather from around the globe to relive the stories told by Mr. Dekker and to have the chance to hear him answer some of their questions. The experience was amazing and the book signing at the end of the day where I got to meet Ted was the cherry on top. I’m hoping to be able to go next year as well to see what else Ted has up his sleeve.

I have known some people that I have introduced to Ted’s books who couldn’t even make it through one. There are others who have devoured his books in a matter of days and spent weeks processing their responses. And there are still others who have never heard of Dekker much less read his books. But they have read the Story he tells.

For you see, while Ted has written many books, there is only one Story worth telling. It will take the form of many plots, but the Story is the same. Dekker weaves the tale of a not-so-distant land with pools of color, a scabbing disease, and Elyon. Lewis told it in a land called Narnia with the lion, Aslan. Tolkien spun it in Middle Earth, ruled by the Ring, rescued by a Hobbit. In the Bible, we see a land tarnished by sin and a Savior who loves His people enough to sacrifice His life for them. Each one a tale a loss, love, separation, sacrifice, and redemption. Each one pointing us to the Creator who longs for His Bride to return to Him.

Where are you in the Story, my friend? Are you still separated from the One who desires to draw you to Him? Have you even met Him? He loves you deeply, dear one. He gave His life so you could find life in Him and rid yourself of the disease. So come and lose your life for Him. Dive deep.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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