Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Backyard Visitors

Since we moved my desk closer to the patio door, I have had a lot of visitors...

Our beautiful cardinal visitor. Her mate is a little harder to catch on camera, though I have seen the bright red flashes flying by. And, as I wrote this blog, I was able to get a quick look!
He's handsome, isn't he? :) So glad I caught a glimpse of him finally!

Why, hello, Mr. Robin! :)

I love these doves :) They must have been building their nest this day. They kept coming back and picking up twigs and grasses and then flying off with them.

This is our little black bird that comes to visit. I have no clue with type of bird he is. Any ideas?

This guy is one of our newer visitors. He showed up for the first time last Thursday. He dug in the ground for awhile, probably after a good meal. Again, no idea what kind of bird he is. Ideas?

We also have a beautiful blue jay but he has been camera shy and hasn't allowed me to get a picture yet. I almost got one today but had to open the screen door to get it and he flew off before I could refocus the camera. :\

And this...

This is Ninja Squirrel (NS). He visits me at least once a day (more if I put out stale breadcrumbs). My husband met him the day we moved into our apartment. He was walking on the sidewalk when he startled NS. Instead of running away, NS simply flattened himself on the sidewalk, as if that meant he wouldn't be seen. A few weeks ago, we were leaving the apartment and he was clinging to the brick around our neighbor's door. Since we're in an apartment, that means he was only feet away from me. I totally freaked out while NS just stopped moving and clung to the brick. Even when we shooed him away, he only went and hid under the stairs until we left. I've even seen him up in my hanging flower basket! Thankfully, he fled that spot pretty quickly when I banged on the window.

Just in the past two days, I've also spotted a fox sneaking around! I wish I could get a picture of him, but I can never get the camera turned on fast enough! Hopefully at some point I'll be able to capture a picture and share it with you. I've only seen him once each day so not much leeway in getting a snapshot during a return visit. Fingers crossed that I can get the shot someday! There have also been a couple of stray neighborhood cats but they never seem to stick around long. And not quite as fun (or challenging) to photograph as my other visitors. ;)

Well, I think that covers most of my little visitors. :) Hopefully they will continue to visit and I will continue to get some great photos to share with you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting!

Soli Deo Gloria,


Meghan said...

One mystery solved! The last bird pictured (with the red mark on the back of his neck) is a male red-shafted Northern Flicker! Special thanks to Google Image search for helping out with this one! :)

Shamrock said...

This post makes me miss living somewhere with animals...