Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Advanced Book Review: Full Disclosure

While I do most of my book reviews through the BookSneeze program, sometimes I get the opportunity to review them through other venues. This one is a case in point. Actually, an ad of Facebook led me to this one.

I've been a Dee Henderson fan for awhile and, like my mom, was always looking to see when she might have a new book coming out. So when I saw an ad on Facebook saying she had one coming out in October I jumped on it, hoping it wasn't a misleading ad. To my great surprise it wasn't! There really would be a new book, "Full Disclosure"! So I sent the page to friends and family that I knew liked her work.

Then I saw it...the link to request an advanced readers' copy of the book in return for a written review. Since I'm used to and comfortable with that arrangement I snatched up my copy pretty quickly. And then, less than 9 days after it arrived, I finished it. :)

"Full Disclosure" is pure Dee Henderson, both alike and different from her previous work. The book has definitely stuck with me even days after finishing it as I continue to digest it. From the fun and quirky moments to the quiet suspense, it definitely reminded me of some of the things I liked about Dee's writing. At the same time, it was vastly different from many of her others. The edge-of-your-seat action is almost nowhere to be seen after the first few chapters. There is almost never a sense that a main character is in mortal danger. The love story develops nicely, even if it feels a bit rushed in some points and slower at others.

I'm not sure how I felt about the fact that several characters were reused from her other books. It was also obvious how much of herself the author was inserting into one of the characters. It became a slight distraction from the world of the book, pulling me back to reality. I will say that my pattern-observing engineer husband must be rubbing off on me because my excitement about the twists and turns in the story wasn't for the twist itself but because I had figured it out earlier and was excited that it was confirmed.

On the whole, it was definitely a good and enjoyable read. If you're a tried and true fan of Dee Henderson or even if you're new to her writing, "Full Disclosure" was definitely a welcome return for the author. Now let's just hope she doesn't wait 5 years again!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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