Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spreading our Wings

You see that little phrase up there? In the header? The one that says "Oh how the little things strengthen my tiny wings"? Well, it looks like Dan and I will soon have a chance to spread those wings a little. 

We've been waiting to announce this until things were set but now it's official! Good thing we've started packing!
Almost all of those are books...
 Because Dan and I are officially moving to Lincoln, Nebraska!

Right where that star is!

In less than a month!!

Dan has been out of work since May but that will all be changing soon! Between tearing his Achilles tendon at the end of July and all the pre-employment screenings and paperwork that have been needed, we held off on setting a start date but as of today we are moving forward. Dan is slated to start work on Tuesday, September 25th!

This is HUGE! This East Coast girl has lived in Maryland since I was 5! I'm excited and nervous about the move and a whole bunch of other jumbled emotions rolled into one.

We went last weekend to look at places to rent. That was my first time setting foot in the state of Nebraska. It was fun getting to explore the area a little bit and I've already found a Thai restaurant that I loved and want to visit again :) We are looking forward to exploring our new home even more in the months and years to come!

It's amazing to see how God has provided through all of this. He has sustained us through a time of uncertainty and job searching, provided for our needs, and softened hearts when needed to allow us to make this transition or take care of things (such as my job and Dan's Achilles). And now? Now He has provided this amazing opportunity to trust Him even more as we move.

It is truly an exciting time, friends! We will miss everyone on the East Coast  but hope to stay in touch, whether that is by phone, through e-mail, the blog here, or Facebook. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us and sharing the adventure with you as we head west!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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Taylor said...

Oh my goodness, SO excited! I sure you have all kinds of emotions about moving, but I know that God will encourage you when you need Him and it is going to be so amazing to have the opportunity to explore a new place. Enjoy!!