Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tending the Soil

Look who showed up this weekend!

First tomato sprouts!

One night I checked the pot and there was nothing and the next day I look again and POOF! There they are! These two came up over the weekend and a third sprout showed up on Monday. Only the strongest/best of the seedlings will be used for the topsy turvy planter but I wanted to make sure I had choices and backups in case something happened so I planted 5 seeds. They spend most of their days outside and then get brought in overnight to prevent them from getting too cold or being harassed by the local squirrels. :p

Those pesky squirrels already dug through my basil box so I had to cover it in mesh to prevent further damage. I'm hoping I'll still get a couple of seedlings out of that. Not sure how many of the seeds were damaged by the wildlife attack. If nothing else, I do have some more seeds so I can always replant those and keep them covered as long as possible.

Here's to adventures in gardening! :) Looking forward to seeing these little ones continue to grow and flourish.

Grow, baby, grow!
Soli Deo Gloria,

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